New Yorker über ein Ein-Mann-Stück über Lester Bangs

»Though interest in Bangs seems to ebb and flow, I believe he is one of the most important critical writers of the last hundred years, and a singular stylist. (Like Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, or David Foster Wallace, Bangs is hugely tempting to imitate, which means the field is perpetually muddied by a lot of subpar mimics in whose work rambling bravado is substituted for heart.) Bangs’s prose is loose and musical; each sentence attempts, in one way or another, to approximate its subject, to inhabit and express a particular rhythm, a beat. To read him is to behold someone trying, desperately, to get closer to something he cherishes, to hold it down long enough to marvel at it and love it more deeply.«
(Amanda Petrusich, New Yorker)
In der Edition Tiamat erschien von Lester Bangs »Psychotische Reaktionen und heiße Luft«

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